Grameen Bank, Grameen Classic System, Grameen Generalized System, Dividend


The creation and development of micro-credit programs are attributed to be an important aspect of a developing country like Bangladesh. Grameen Generalized System emerges as a new system for the creation and development of micro-credit program in Grameen Bank (GB). The paper aims at examining the performance of women entrepreneurs under Grameen Generalized System in Grameen Bank. Primary & secondary sources of data are used in conducting the study. The primary data have been collected through structured questionnaire of 85 women entrepreneurs from five branches of GB under Rajshahi Zone namely Banesher, Damkura Paba, Naohata Paba, Yusufpur Charghat & Basudebpur Godagari. The paper discussed on the basic characteristics of Grameen Generalized System (GGS) and its implementation. During analysis it is clarified that GGS has positive contribution to the performance of women entrepreneurs. Persons working under the system feel proud to be associated with GB and get more importance in the family for taking decisions about income & expenditure. GGS provides opportunities for the respondents in reducing their dependency on the family income. Involvement of the respondents with GB is also considered to be an effective tool for their family survival. The present capital of the respondent’s business has gradually been increased due to effective business activities. The respondents try to save more money as GB declares dividend each year the inception of the GGS. Lastly the present re

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