Value Chain Analysis, gender responsive value, product development, lambanog industry


The coconut vodka, popularly known as ‘lambanog’ and primarily produce in Quezon Province, the lambanog capital of the Philippines, is on the threshold as a dollar-earning industry. It is considered for product development being one of the primary produce of the country. The current study is an initial step in establishing a development plan for the industry. This study uses the Gender Responsive Value Chain Analysis (GR-VCA) to determine the current status of the lambanog industry in the Philippines. Descriptive and participatory approaches were used to answer the following queries: (1) condition of lambanog industry players who are producer/distiller, distributors/retailers, and customers; and (2) identification of constraints and opportunities. The current status of the industry was revealed by the 12 distillers endorsed and highly-recommended by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Quezon, 60 distributors/retailers and 100 consumers all dispersed in the different towns and city of the province. Results of the study reveal that the conditions of lambanog industry players, both distillers and distributors, were assessed as small-scale in production, marketing and sales. The customers include local small-time drinkers and a very limited export market. Constraints identified include: high worker turn-over including gender issues on the selection, training and nature of work; sustainability of supply due to weather condition and seasonality of sap collection; poor p

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