Commitment, Concentration, Duty, Employee, Organization and Online Social Networks (OSNs)


Nigeria Labour Act under chapter 198 of 2004 states categorically the duty of employer of labour to provide employee’s with duties and tools to work with. In the quest to ensure this, most employers of labour often provide employee’s with computer system and internet facilities hoping this will facilitate their effective discharge of duties but reverse is the case as this study reveals what average employees use their official work hour for which now constitute distractions and interruption to their primary task. This research was conducted to determine the impact of online social networking (OSNs) on employee’s commitment to duties in the private and public organizations in Lagos State, Nigeria. Two (2) organizations constitute the population of study involving a total number of 100 respondents consisting of 40 senior staff and 60 junior staff whom were picked at random, as sample. The data was collected through the use of questionnaire and simple frequency distribution was used for the analysis. Findings were made and recommendations were put forward on how to manage unproductive online social networking during office hours. It was however concluded that online social networking cannot be stopped but managed to yield positive result for the organization

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