9th International Conference on Globalisation, Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Economies (ICGEEE)-2024
Venue: University of London, UK

This conference seeks to shine a light on a wealth of issues that are fundamental to economic development and progress and effectiveness in societies across the globe. Contributions should therefore be of interest to scholars, practitioners, researchers and thought leaders in both developed and developing countries targeting a worldwide readership. With the world undergoing a period of deeper engagement and interaction greater than at any time in its history it is essential that we endeavor to examine the workings of globalization in its many and varied manifestations. The conference seeks to elucidate some of the complexities of commercial engagement, reaction to change and foresight planning. It has become increasingly apparent that Business & Entrepreneurship has become a crucial asset which a developing country can benefit from. Local wealth generation is dependent on the activities of those imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit, yet often local conditions are not conducive to such activity, so it is important to look at ways to engender a supportive environment. Leaders in the political arena, in commerce, academia and in almost every field of human activity have much to gain from exploring these important themes.

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