Production planning, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Fuzzy Inference System Tsukamoto


Production planning is an area that is very important on the corporate strategy-level decision-making, especially in the manufacturing companies. The problems that often arise in the production planning are the factors that affect the decline of production and uncertainty that often complicate the decision-making in the production process. These factors are derived from the company’s internal and external factors. The purpose of this study is to introduce the Analytical Hierarchy Process as an effective method that can help to determine the priority of the production factors, so as to facilitate and accelerate decision-making. Other than the AHP methods, this paper will introduce the Tsukamoto Fuzzy Inference System as a method that can help to determine how much product to be manufactured by the company using the variables in the form of fuzzy numbers. These methods hopefully can assist in a better decision making process in the production process and manufacturing generally.

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