TRIZ, Quality improvement, Case Study


This paper traces the origins of the TRIZ (the theory of inventive solving) from the field engineer technique to management, by exploring not just the benefits associated with TRIZ knowledge and the challenges associated with its acquisition and application based on practical experience. Identifying and appropriately resolving quality improvement problems or effectively evaluating alternatives is a key point. The benefits of applying TRIZ tool to Quality improvements are examined, which it terms contradictions or conflicts. TRIZ recognizes that a novel problem has been integrated to help identify the systems and sub-systems level quality management system for quality improvement. This paper presents using TRIZ to analyze that is useful to identify conflicts of the process of quality improvement in Foxboro, which is necessary to eliminating or reducing the effects factors of the conflicts. Finally, we find that TRIZ has a positive impact on quality improvement process and the potential contribution of quality improvement, while the shortcomings of TRIZ in quality improvement process are discussed. A case study on quality improvement demonstrates the feasibility of applying TRIZ in quality management.

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