Global. Financial, Crisis, Marketing, Banking, Islamic


The aim of this research is to assess the level of involvement of NBK & KFH banks in marketing activities. an attempt will also be made to analyze the recent developments in the marketing activities of the banks. Critical marketing factors in the industry will be identified and the level of preparations of the Kuwaiti banks to meet the challenges ahead will be evaluated and provide protection against risks. The crisis revealed that there is no alternative to the banking system in the implementation of the policies and observance of the fact that banking system represents a lifeline the economy. Islamic banking and finance activities are expected to grow even more rapidly in the foreseeable future providing sophisticated products and financial services. Based on our research, we think that it is very important to Islamic banks in Kuwait to pursue diversification by giving more focus to profit-loss- sharing financing instruments like Moradabad and Mishawaka. This will support the ethical and social expected role of Islamic finance industry.

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