Egypt, Green Economy, Tourism, Delphi technique


Since the eruption of 2011 Revolution the Egyptian economy is suffering its worst economic crisis. Indeed, Egypt has experienced a drastic fall in both foreign investment and tourism revenues, followed by a 60% drop in in foreign exchange reserves, a 3% drop in growth and a rapid devaluation of the Egyptian currency. Generally, the country is facing a series flaw in the performance of the productive sector, which affects the economic performance of the country as a whole. Therefore, major reforms should be undertaken to restore stability, restore tourism and restore confidence of investors. Moreover, there is growing recognition worldwide among policy- makers and private sector decision- makers the current economic growth is socially, environmentally and economically unsustainable. This has motivated international community to make a committed transition towards a green economy. Since 2011, Egypt is taking steady steps to adapt Green Transformation Strategy. This strategy embraces many of the principles and objectives of green economy. Therefore, this research focus mainly on Egyptian tourism in the green economy and how investing in the greening of tourism can reduce the cost of energy, water, and waste and enhance the value of ecosystems and cultural heritage. This research analyses how the concept of green economy is perceived in Egypt. It aims to explore the massive transformation process needed. These two questions will be answered using Delphi technique. The research co

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