Internet, education, progress, online learning, technology


This paper emphasizes the development of a computer to a medium of education. Evolution of this room-sized machine comprised a purely web-based set of tools, resources and techniques used globally by all to supplement the classroom experience. Through the advent of eLearning students are empowered to embark on active, independent learning. They can access course information and do research, all with the help of this virtual space provided by the World Wide Web. They can also enjoy peer-to-peer learning and interactions. The new learning landscape is a multichannel learning environment that can be seen as a Complex Adaptive System. For the most part, this environment is self-organizing and because of that it is difficult to predict exactly how it is all going to turn out in the next five years. But, there is no question that a major shift is taking place – a turn from instructor-centered curricula towards learner-centered searching for relevant resources of learning as needed

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