Culture, change, corporate culture, organisational culture, organisational change, organisational members, resistance to change, change management, staff members, FNB Namibia, bank


Change is relentless and continuous, and has become inevitable in almost every sphere of business. The FNB Namibia operates in a highly vibrant competitive environment that is influenced by external and internal change drivers, and has not been resistant to any forces of change. This study was conducted to examine the relationship between corporate culture and organisational change of FNB Namibia. In this study corporate culture is the independent variable while organisational change is the dependent variable under the investigation. The data were collected through the questionnaires distributed to the staff members of the bank. A total of 50 questionnaires were administered, 33 of the questionnaires were correctly completed and returned. The findings showed that there is a relationship between corporate culture and organisational change. The findings also showed that the dominant existing organisational culture at the bank is hierarchy culture. Even though hierarchy culture is found to be the dominant organisational culture of the bank, the findings however, further revealed that the bank has adopted all four types of organisational culture. The study also found that different types of organisational culture have different levels of perceptions towards organisational change

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