Financial drivers, cash flow management, cost management, performance, organization and establishments.


This paper examined the effect of key financial drivers on organizational performance of public establishments in Nigeria. There exists difficulty in achieving continued exercise and growth, poor management funding, failure to adequately anticipate cash flow, technology or reaction to competition with private establishments, indiscipline among members in public ministry and ill-timed financing. The objectives of this study are therefore to; examine the effect of cash flow management on organizational performance of public establishments in Nigeria and examine the effect of cost management on organizational performance of public establishments in Nigeria. The research design for this study was experimental design used to test the hypothesis in reaching a valid conclusion. The population of the study comprised of the public establishments in Ogun State, and the target population of the study was Agbado District Comprehensive High School, Oke Aro, Ogun State using purposive sampling. The study employed the use of primary data through the administering of questionnaire. Multiple regression models were used to analyze the data. Based on the findings, the study recommended that public establishments should take advantage of the excellent benefits derivable from the adoption of well-designed cash flow management. Also, public establishments should carefully implement cost management techniques to aid business performance and ensure continuity.

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