Multidimensional Poverty (MP), Poverty Alleviation, Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), Human Development (HD).


The purpose of this study is to assess multidimensional poverty in Egypt during the last decade at both of national level and sub-national level and examine the role of human development strategies in alleviating poverty prevalence across different regions in Egypt. This paper uses national and subnational data to investigate how human development strategies can reduce multidimensional poverty rates. The data analysis indicates high variations in income poverty and human poverty between rural and urban regions as governorates in the rural areas- especially in Lower Egypt- have higher multidimensional poverty rates than upper urban governorates. The empirical analysis revealed that human development strategies must be used as a weapon against poverty. It has proven that adequate education and health policies enhancement lead to the reduction and alleviation of poverty and to eliminate the regional disparities of multidimensional poverty in Egypt.



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