Work-family balance, Organizational commitment, Organizational Citizenship behavior, Life satisfaction, Job involvement, Intention to leave.


This study aimed at examining the relationships between work-family balance and organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior, life satisfaction, job involvement and the intention to leave. It depends on "a proportional stratified random sample" of 368 from the full-time working employees in the three communication companies in Egypt. Of the 368 questionnaires distributed 276 completed and usable questionnaires are returned representing a response rate of 75%. The sample consists of 53, 2% females and 64, 8% males. With regard to marital status, 99, 6% of the sample is married and 86% of them reported having a working spouse (dual-earner status). The average number of children under- age is 1.41. The collected data are analyzed by using different statistical techniques. The research ended by the following results: (a) work-family balance and organizational commitment , organizational citizenship behavior , life satisfaction , job involvement are positively and significantly related to each other while it is negatively related to the intention to leave, (b) gender and marital status have relatively influence on the relationship between work-family balance and its mentioned consequences ; (c) the relationships between work-family balance and its consequences are higher for males and for those who are married without young children than for females and those married with young children . Finally, the research ended by some managerial implications, recommendati

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