Adoption, banking, e-Banking, EFTPoS, technology readiness, Zimbabwe


The Zimbabwean retail banking sector presents numerous lessons as well as challenges for the marketing of electronic banking services. Within the last decade, the Zimbabwean banking sector together with the economy experienced a near collapse in 2004, rebounded in 2009 with the formation of the coalition government and once again took another dip in 2012, when three retail banks were placed under curatorship. Notwithstanding this volatility, industry literature reports an increase in adoption rates of electronic banking channels. It is against this background that the purpose of this paper seeks to establish the relationship between technology readiness personality traits and the adoption of electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPoS) within the context of ‘volatile’ developing economies such as Zimbabwe. Results broadly confirm the efficacy of these personality traitsin predicting the adoption of technology-basedbanking services. This study provides new insights in that it suggests that technology readiness assumptions, regardless of prevailing economic conditions, will generally hold and remain good indicators foradoption even in uncertain and volatile situations similar to those observed in Zimbabwe.

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